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Other Stuff
These are various drawings and images I have done that appeared in books and magazines.

600 x 799
Character sketch from Way Back When.
Acrylic & Pencils

The Black Swan
600 x 660
The Frontispiece for The Black Swan.
a book by Mercedes Lackey

Moment's Insight
600 x 865
Character Portrait
From the Valdemar Books

Brightly Burning
600 x 776
Chapter Headers
Got a dragon on my back...

Gryphon Enriched!
600 x 776
Ah! My trademark creature.
Chapter illos from Valdemar books.

600 x 776
Rosenante-class and more.
Oh, I love designing starships.

Eagle and Starship
600 x 776
Odd couple, eh?
Acrylic on board

Father Dragon
600 x 864
Frontispiece for The Elvenbane,
By Andre Norton and Mercedes Lackey

Avian Bling
600 x 392
Well, gold leaf and gold wire.
It's what the sharpest avians have.

Royal Bling
600 x 1038
Maximum Crownage.
Avian royalty decoration

The Matriarch
600 x 1000
Ah! Fearsome Haspur!
An unused villainess

600 x 722
Dear Darling Zhaneel.
Swift Gryfalcon, with shears.

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